PSA: Canon 5DS & 5DS R Now Available For Pre-Order

As a reminder to all those professional Canon shooters out there, B&H has just opened up pre-orders for their 5DS and 5DS R high-end DSLR models. These models were originally announced early last month and news quickly spread throughout the photography world with many heated debates as to whether an ultra-high megapixel sensor is necessary during real-world use.

While I'm still skeptical as to whether the 5DS or 5DS R is worth an upgrade for me (it may be as I shoot in my studio 90% of the time), but I'm planning on receiving a review sample when it gets closer to launch. This way I can give it an in-depth review and determine whether or not I'll ditch my 5DMIII and pick up one of the newer models.

Those of you who are ready to put down the hefty pre-order price tag will have to wait to receive the camera until its official release in June of this year.

Source: B&H Photo, (2)