Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 ‘Vengeance’ DLC Map Pack Preview (Video)

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 players have been lucky enough to be offered multiple DLC map packs bringing new life into a game that is edging closer to being a year old. Treyarch has just announced their 3rd DLC installment, the ‘Vengeance' DLC map pack that will be released “first on Xbox Live” come July 2nd. The predecessors to this DLC release include the ‘Revolution‘ and ‘Uprising‘ map packs that both offered four new multiplayer maps as well as a new zombie experience.

Quick breakdown of what the Vengeance DLC pack includes:

Multiplayer maps:

  1. Cove – rocky outpost island (surrounded by water), use the terrain and rocks to your advantage
  2. Detour – a huge bridge with multiple levels of playable space, includes short, medium and long-range firefights
  3. Rush – a paintball arena, includes multiple fields and areas of combat such as speedball field, town field, retail store, etc.
  4. Uplink – satellite control facility, redesigned version of summit from the original Black Ops title


  1. Buried – all-new zombie map, it's an old west town that is located underground, the original 4 playable characters are back
  2. Ray Gun Mark II – evolution of the original Ray Gun, seems to shoot a burst mode of Rays