Call Of Duty Ghosts ‘Onslaught’ DLC Revealed With A January 28th Release (Video)

Infinity Ward has finally dropped the details on the first DLC for their Call Of Duty Ghosts¬†title dubbed ‘Onslaught'. The download pack includes four new small to medium-sized multiplayer maps, one new multiplayer weapon, and one new Extinction map which features two new species of aliens and an exclusive Extinction only weapon.

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Multiplayer Map #1: Fog

  • Dark & gloomy map taken straight from a horror film
  • Broken up into three main areas: tall grass area, a cabin in the woods, and a barn with high vantage points
  • There is a field order on the map that when completed rewards the player with the chance to take on the role of Michael Myers from the popular Halloween horror films
  • When playing as Michael the iconic Halloween theme music begins playing as you put on the mask and wield an axe to kill your opponents

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Multiplayer Map #2: Bayview

  • Mid-sized map that features a peaceful boardwalk town with naval destroyers
  • Completing a field order gives you the ability to call in an artillery strike (which comes from a naval destroyer)
  • Supports all play styles including sniper points, run and gun sections, and trolleys that allow sentry guns within them

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Multiplayer Map #3: Containment

  • Map based in Mexico
  • Designed primarily for long-range battles
  • Features a large river bed divided by a bridge over the top
  • This bridge offers excellent sniper or assault rifle battles
  • Run and gunners can hop over the railings into the riverbed and flank opponents from multiple angles
  • By completing a field order, you get the ability to call in a mortar strike which detonates a radioactive missile and destroys anyone in the area

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Multiplayer Map #4: Ignition

  • A remake of scrapyard from Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2
  • Florida based U.S. launch facility that is tied in with the single-player
  • Smallish to mid-sized map that plays really tight
  • Completing the field order allows the ability to activate a test engine that ignites and burns any enemies within the area

Multiplayer Bonus Weapon: Maverick Assault Rifle

  • Essentially two guns
  • Highly accurate, dependable rifle
  • Has an optional sniper kit with a high-tech scope

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Extinction – Episode 1: Nightfall

  • The first installment in a four-part episodic narrative
  • Explore a remote facility in the Alaskan Wilderness
  • Discover the origins of the alien threat
  • Features two all-new alien species including the Phantom who becomes invisible when he jumps and the Breeder who is the largest boss creature they have ever created
  • Includes access to an exclusive weapon which is derived from scorpions that you encounter within the game

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The DLC pack for Call Of Duty Ghosts will be available on January 28th on Xbox Live with other platforms to follow. You have the option to buy a season pass at $49.99 (includes this map pack and three future DLC Map Packs) or simply buy the ones you'd like individually for $14.99.