‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops III’ Adds Popular Competitive eSports Features

The cult-like following within eSports scene has made game streaming services like Twitch.tv a huge success and launched everyday people into fandom among the gaming community. The Call of Duty series is one of the most successful franchises concerning eSports popularity, and you'll even find teams battling it out in the COD arena mainstream events like the Summer X Games.

While the competition has been fierce for Call of Duty for the past few generations, the titles have still been lacking any over-the-top support for eSports gameplay or commentary like often see with PC-based titles like League of Legends or DOTA 2. With the upcoming release of Black Ops III, this is all about to change. Treyarch has announced their plans to integrate several concepts from other successful eSports titles into the next title that is scheduled to be released this Fall.

The new features were discussed in-depth during a live YouTube unveil yesterday that ran around about an hour and fifteen minutes. Among the new features, you'll find a complete ban/protect system that will allow competitors to vote on which items are allowed or banned from use including kill streaks, perks, weapons, and equipment.

Secondly, Treyarch has finally introduced a full-blown support for eSports commentary included a redesigned spectator mode which allows casters the ability to observe live games cutting from different camera angles and player perspectives all while showing important overlays such as player stats within the viewing area.

As for the ranked playlists, there will now be ‘Arena' which is the ranked playlist based solely off wins and losses. This format in its current pre-release form includes 20 individual ranks and a master league for the top-tier players. You cannot rank down unless you have at least two losses in a row and players who intentionally disconnect from a game will be penalized two ranks for doing so.

Via: Engadget