Bose Rumored To Enter The Music Streaming Market

Bose has been in the media a lot lately, mostly due to their on and off relationship with Apple's retail outlets. It appears the audio giant may have a trick up their sleeve with the potential to enter the music streaming market in the near future. This rumor has stemmed from a recent job listing from the company in which they seek a Senior Designer who can shape “next generation streaming music platform” as well as a matching “ecosystem of products”.

While this certainly doesn't mean we should expect such a service to come from Bose in the coming months, it does hint that the company is looking to the potential expansion of a streaming service down the road. From my perspective this market appears to be overly saturated, however that isn't stopping big names like YouTube from trying to weasel their way into some of the profits. Integration with future Bose products seems to be a reasonable enough incentive to try out the concept, but user growth will clearly be an obstacle with so many services competing for paying subscribers.

Via: Engadget
Photo Credit: Flickr