Bose Products Will Make A Return To Apple Stores

After Apple's recent acquisition of Beats By Dre, the company decided to pull all competing Bose products from their online and physical Apple Store locations in an effort to boost future sales of Beats' products. While many thought this would be the last of the Bose and Apple partnership, we have got word that the companies have come to terms, and Bose products will be restocked again in the very near future.

There are no further details on the exact timeframe, but my guess would be that it happens within the next few days so they can take advantage of the final weeks of the holiday shopping season. This decision may be good news for Fitbit as their wearable fitness trackers were also removed from Apple Stores around the same time as Bose due to a lack of support for the iOS Healthkit platform. While Fitbit products remain banned from Apple Stores, this gives the company hope that a resolution may be possible in the future.

Source: 9to5Mac
Photo Credit: Flickr