Bose Added Google Assistant Support To Their ‘QC 35 II’ Headphones

The¬†Quiet Comfort 35s from Bose has been a staple in the luxury headphone market often seen used in airports and college libraries due to the mix of sleek design and excellent noise canceling technology. While it's only been a little over a year since their release, the company has released an updated version dubbed the ‘QC 35 II'.

Based on the same design principles as its predecessor, the QC 35 II model offers integrated button with support for Google Assistant by way of incoming notifications, audio updates for news reports and voice commands for music and calls from your smartphone. For more information on the Google Assistant support, check out this article from the Google Blog.

Pricing for the QC 35 II headphones remains the same $349 price-point as the original model. For those of you who like a deal, this means you'll likely be able to score a discounted price on the first generation version in the coming months as Bose makes an effort to sell out their existing stock.

Via: TechCrunch
Source: Google Blog