‘Blue’ App For Google Glass Showcases Real-Time Baseball Stats (Video)

With the Google Glass release expected to happen within the next year or two, there has been an influx of developers who have showcased the potential of the device with some creative applications. In this instance, the app is called “Blue” which is a baseball app although you probably wouldn't have guessed based on the name. By utilizing Blue on the Google Glass, you'll no longer miss out on the stats and information you'd receive from a TV broadcast of the game when you're watching the game in person.

To accomplish this, the app focuses on locating which stadium you're in by utilizing your geolocation data. Once it has located which park you're in, it will start serving you real-time data such as what players up to bat, who is pitching, what type of pitch was thrown last and how fast the pitch was. It is like having a heads up display feeding you all the most important details from the game as you watch from the stands.

Check out the video below to see the ‘Blue' app in action!

Via: Engadget
Source: Buzzfeed