Blizzard’s ‘Overwatch’ Open Beta Reached 9.7M Players

Overwatch is one of the most highly anticipated titles to hit the gaming scene this year, and their recent open beta proved this to be true. In the week period that the open beta was running, Blizzard has confirmed that 9.7 million gamers logged in and participated in the unreleased title with each player averaging an impressive eight hours of play. This makes the Overwatch open beta one of the most successful betas of all time and the most successful that the company has ever held.

Having played around 20 hours of Overwatch during this beta period, I can confirm that all the hype is real. The game is refreshingly fun with a primary focus on teamwork and participating in the various map objectives. Besides a few minor server-related hiccups at the beginning of the beta period, the title felt refined and close to ready so this is good news concerning its official launch on May 27th.

Those looking to play the title on its first day of release can pre-order at AmazonGameStop, or Blizzard.

Source: Twitter