Blizzard Rolls Out ‘Winter Wonderland’ Overwatch Event Until January 2nd

Seasonal events have been a big hit for Overwatch since each time they host one, it introduces new unlockable content like skins, voice lines and emotes alongside a specialized game mode and map variations. The first event Blizzard chose to commemorate was the 2016 Summer Olympic Games followed by a spooky Halloween-themed event, and as of today, you can now participate in a Christmas-themed event dubbed ‘Winter Wonderland'.

The patch began rolling out this afternoon and offers over 100 new unlockables up for grabs with a free event loot box (wrapped like a present) just for logging in. Alongside the seasonal event, recent changes that have been showcased in the PTR like an entire Symmetra rework have also gone live.

overwatch winter wonderland skins

Besides all the in-game content that can be earned via loot boxes until January 2nd, there is a new event brawl dubbed ‘Snowball Fight' in which all of the players are Mei. Instead of her gun shooting a flurry of ice like usual, it shoots a powerful snowball that takes out opponents in one hit. After you used up your single shot, you are forced to retreat to a snow pile to reload though you have your basic abilities like ice block and ice wall to help you survive. Her ultimate ability is replaced with a fully automatic snowball cannon that can be used to take out several opponents quickly.

Those interested in joining in on the Holiday-themed Overwatch fun can now download the free update via their PC or gaming console of choice.