Blizzard Unveils New Overwatch ‘Halloween Terror’ Seasonal Event

Overwatch has been nothing short of a massive success and the team over at Blizzard keeps on delivering with new content added periodically to keep players satisfied.

We saw the first seasonal event run during the same time as the Summer Olympics and this granted special loot boxes which allowed players to unlock Summer Games loot such as exclusive skins, profile icons, sprays, voice lines hero poses and intros.

Once the event was over, these Summer Games unlockables were no longer able to be unlocked. In addition to these unlockables, a fun new brawl dubbed ‘Lucioball' was added in which players could compete in a soccer-related format using Lucio's abilities as a means of moving the ball around the field.

Coming off the great success of the last seasonal event, yesterday Overwatch announced their newest event dubbed ‘Halloween Terror' which will take place from October 11th through November 1st.

This Halloween-themed event features horror-related unlockables which can be earned through themed loot boxes including skins, profile icons, victory poses, emotes, highlight intros, sprays and more.

Here are all the new skins available during the Halloween Terror Event (click to enlarge):

Unlike the previous event, these exclusive items can be unlocked with in-game currency although the pricing for these exclusive items is 3x the usual cost. Therefore the legendary Frankenstein Roadhog skin will cost 3000 gold instead of the usual 1000 required to unlock a legendary skin.

On top of these unlockables, the brawl is another unique concept with the first PvE experience. You can team up with three other players to defend the Eichenwald castle against hordes of zombies (described as zomnics) with appearances from Dr. Junkenstein, his monster, the Reaper and a witch.

Players can play as Ana, Hanzo, McCree and Soldier 76, but only one hero choice for each player and there is no character switching after the mode has begun.