Blizzard Unveils ‘Stukov’ A New Support For ‘Heroes Of The Storm’

While League of Legends and DOTA 2 dominate the MOBA category, Blizzard's take on the genre Heroes of the Storm is still growing with a budding professional league and consistent audience on Twitch. Earlier today, the Heroes Twitch channel was broadcasting professional matchups and during a break in matches unveiled a new support hero for the title.

Taken from the StarCraft franchise, Stukov is an undead infested admiral who benefits from his excellent support potential, sustained damage and crowd control. His weaknesses include a lack of mobility or escape yet this should help to keep him balanced.

Beyond some cool basic abilities, his two ultimates are both rather unique especially ‘massive shove' which launches his infested arm at an opponent pushing them back until they hit a piece of terrain.

There is no limit for this ultimate ability meaning you could theoretically push an opponent back the entirety of the map from core to core if lined it up perfectly.


Stukov is expected to hit the Nexus “soon” with no concrete release date announced. However, if it follows the typical hero release pattern, it should either be this Tuesday or the following.

Via: YouTube, Blizzard