Blizzard Unveils Gul’dan Spotlight Trailer, Now Playable In PTR

It was only a few days ago that we posted about Blizzard working on developing two new heroes for their popular title Heroes of the Storm. To our surprise, one of these heroes, Warcraft's Gul'dan, is almost ready to make his way to the Nexus as hero spotlight went live on YouTube yesterday.

Judging from the spotlight, Gul'dan appears to be a refreshingly original assassin as his unique trait and ultimate abilities should make him a powerhouse character though still a difficult feat to master.

As part of their weekly Tuesday patch update, Gul'dan will be added to the platform's Public Test Realm at some point today. This allows users the chance for an early opportunity to test out the new hero before he goes live in the Nexus, likely next week. It is safe to assume Auriel will be the next hero in line after Gul'dan, coming 2-4 weeks after his official launch date.

Source: YouTube