Blizzard Unveils 3 New ‘Heroes Of The Storm’ Characters

Yesterday marked the first day of the iconic ‘BlizzCon' event which focuses on all things in the Blizzard gaming scene. As part of the coverage, the gaming giant held a panel for their popular free-to-play Heroes of the Storm title. Within this panel, they unveiled three all new characters that are set to hit the Nexus in the coming months.

chogall greymane lunara

Cho'Gall will be the hero to hit the Nexus soonest, due sometime this month. From there it appears that Greymane will be next followed by Lunara. While Greymare and Lunara will likely launch at the standard $9.99 or 15K gold rate, Cho'Gall has a unique way to unlock him. Those who attended BlizzCon either virtually or in-person will be given him free of charge and can share him with friends whom in turn will unlock them for themselves after queuing up a few games partnered with someone who already owns him.

Source: Blizzard