Blizzard To Release ‘Starcraft II: Legacy Of The Void’ On November 10th

Blizzard's has remained in the spotlight over the years with by way of World of Warcraft, HearthStone, Starcraft, Diablo and most recently Heroes of the Storm. While Starcraft was once one of the most popular titles in the bunch, its allure faded as competitive free-to-play MOBAs like League of Legends have flourished.

Despite this, Blizzard isn't throwing in the towel on one of the most popular real time strategy game franchises of all time and has just announced their plans to release the second expansion, Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, to gamers on November 10th. This version will have a campaign that focuses on the Protoss, the last of the three races found within the game. Along with a new single player storyline, the multiplayer will get a slew of new additions including new maps and units.

Check out the opening cinematic below and be sure to pre-order a copy from Amazon if you want to join in on the madness, November 10th.

Source: YouTube