Blizzard Will Release ‘StarCraft: Remastered’ On August 14th For $15

Starcraft is arguably the best real-time strategy game ever and it was one of the original sources of gaming competition with a massive e-sports scene overseas. The original title debuted back on March 31st in 1998 thus making the franchise over 19 years old. On April 19th, Blizzard delivered their first patch to the original in 8 years which made the title completely free to play for anyone regardless of whether they bought a license key in the past.

While this was a cool way for veteran gamers to reminisce and new players to discover the franchise for the first time without having to pull out their wallet, the company has something else up their sleeve with the upcoming launch of StarCraft: Remastered which is set to be released for Windows and Mac on August 14th.

You might be asking “why pay $15 for a game that has now been made free to everyone?

Blizzard went through the original StarCraft and converted it to modern day with all-new graphics offering support up to 4K along with high fidelity music and sound elements. Beyond this, there is now an integrated matchmaking system, leaderboards, player profiles and a cloud save system.

Anyone who pre-orders the game before its August 14th release date will receive three unique building skins including the Char Hive, Korhal Command Center and Aiur Nexus. In addition, pre-orders will offer digital bonuses for StarCraft II such as three unique player portraits and Alexei Stukov co-op commander.

Via: PCMag