Blizzard Introduces ‘Overwatch’ Deathmatch Modes For Arcade Playlists

Blizzard Entertainment's own Jeff Kaplan took to their YouTube account to announce the upcoming update which will add Overwatch deathmatch game modes to the arcade playlists.

The first iteration is dubbed ‘free-for-all, ‘ and as expected it is you versus seven other players in a deathmatch where the winner is the first to 20 kills. Credits for unlocking loot boxes are awarded to players who finish in the top four.

Team deathmatch utilizes the same six versus six structure as the standard quick match and competitive Overwatch game modes, but the sole objective is to be the first team to reach 30 kills.

Interestingly enough, Mercy's resurrection ultimate will remove any kills away from the other team. Something this substantial should make her a must-have pick on both sides when playing in this mode.

Blizzard has added Overwatch deathmatch to the PTR servers, but it won't be pushed live until later in the month.

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Via: Blizzard