Blizzard Adds Warcraft’s ‘Chromie’ To ‘Heroes of the Storm’ Nexus

Blizzard has created dozens upon dozens of characters throughout their popular game franchises like Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and the soon to be released Overwatch. Within their popular MOBA, Heroes Of The Storm, the game takes advantage of this vast character pool as players can choose to play as their favorite characters from previous franchises to duel it out in a five on five team battle on various maps each with a specific objective.

Tracer from Overwatch was added to the Nexus a few weeks back, so it is time for another new character to be made available for play. As of this afternoon, Chromie a mage assassin from Warcraft will be added into the mix and available for purchase for 15K of in-game gold or $9.99 of a real money transaction.

Judging by her spotlight, Chromie seems to be a powerhouse of damage with a massive burst potential that is ideal for finishing squishy heroes within a team fight environment. Her spells are powerful yet offer an ample amount of time to dodge if you are experienced enough to see them coming.

Her ultimate abilities seem to be effective without being overpowered. I think she'll be the optimal choice for someone who can land skill shots like with Li Ming. One of the coolest traits in the game, Chromie receives her new talents a level earlier than everyone else meaning she'll be able to pick her heroic ability at level 9 instead of 10 giving her a big advantage when team fighting at level 9.

Source: (Heroes Of The Storm Patch Notes)