Blizzard To Add Gul’dan & Auriel To ‘Heroes of the Storm’ (Video)

While Overwatch has taken the reigns as Blizzard's most popular title among gamers as this time, their MOBA dubbed Heroes of the Storm remains a powerhouse especially thanks to a new ranking system that was just implemented a few weeks back.

Heroes has come a long way in the past 12-months with Blizzard putting a significant focus on developing new characters, maps and skins to keep the gameplay relevant and refreshing, even for those who have played thousands of games. Two days ago, Blizzard unveiled another “in development” trailer showing off two new heroes in addition to a variety of unreleased skins and mounts.

Gul'dan is a popular hero who originated within the Warcraft universe and also makes an appearance in their card-based strategy game, Hearthstone. The second hero was a part of the Diablo franchise, an archangel named Auriel.

As of now, we don't know much about the roles or abilities yet of these heroes, but it is safe to assume a full spotlight trailer will emerge in the coming weeks as soon as the next release is scheduled.

Source: YouTube