News has come in that the BlackBerry Z10 is set to launch at AT&T stores all around the United States come March 22nd. This is just a day after we reported the Z10 smartphone is coming to T-Mobile for business customers on March 11th. Although BlackBerry and AT&T refuse to come out and confirm the launch date publicly  several reputable sources are conveying that this indeed will be the date the Z10 will be available for U.S. consumers and there seems to be no restrictions as to who can purchase the phone initially as there is in T-Mobile's case. Since T-Mobile has committed to selling the device for $250 and Verizon is rumored to be selling the device at a price tag of $200 in the future, the real question is what will the pricing structure be for AT&T? Personally, I'd be surprised if they attempted to sell the device at a price higher than $200 iPhone's price tag especially if BlackBerry plans to try and gain market share in the already heavily populated U.S. smartphone market.

Stay tuned for more details on the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone and it's arrival into the U.S. consumer market!

Photo credit: Official BlackBerry Images

Source: PCMag