BlackBerry Now Selling Unlocked Q10 & Z10 Models Via U.S. Website

BlackBerry may in be some serious financial trouble as of recent, but that isn't stopping their online store from offering their popular Z10 and Q10 smartphone models in an unlocked form. As of this morning, the former smartphone powerhouse added these two models with unrestricted GSM variants to their U.S. website which is convenient for anyone looking to pickup one of these models without tying themselves into a longterm commitment.

An unlocked BlackBerry Z10 model is offered in both the black and white color choices for the price of $449. On the other hand, the BlackBerry Q10 model is price at $549 and offers the same black or white color option. If these prices are too high for your likely, don't lose hop as I wouldn't be surprised to see these older Z10 & Q10 models dropping in price over the next few months when the new BlackBerry Z30 model hits U.S. shelves.

Via: Engadget
Source: BlackBerry