BlackBerry Opens Up Pre-Orders For Its First Android Model

RIM has fallen into harsh times after the dramatic rise and fall in popularity of their BlackBerry smartphone models. A product that once held high praise within the business world has swiftly fallen behind to modern iOS and Android competitors. To combat this, BlackBerry is on the verge of significant evolution with the upcoming launch of their model known as the Priv.

What's so special about the Priv? Well for one, it offers a curved display with a slide out physical keyboard and is the first handset from Blackberry to natively run an Android operating system. The device's spec list was leaked ahead of schedule yesterday, and the official announcement came earlier today.

The Priv is now available for pre-order (unlocked) at $699 for American buyers and is expected to ship on November 6th. As of right now, non-US buyers will only be able to pick up this device in the UK and Canada at this time though a wider launch is expected should the model be met with success.

Via: Engadget
Source: BlackBerry