BlackBerry Files Lawsuit Against Typo Keyboards For A 3rd Time

Ryan Seacrest's large investment in a physical keyboard case for iOS devices has been quite a nightmare thus far. Their original model blatantly ripped off BlackBerry's signature keyboard, and the smartphone manufacturer ultimately sued Typo for infringing on their design. BlackBerry eventually won this lawsuit without much effort thus restricting Typo to cease all sales of the original model. A second lawsuit emerged shortly after when BlackBerry discovered that Typo had continued with a few large purchase orders even after the court required them to stop all sales.

In the midst of all this legal trouble, Typo has released their second-generation product, the Typo 2. This model that is said to improve upon the original design and clear up any infringing aspects from the previous generation. Despite these efforts, Reuters is reporting that BlackBerry has filed yet another lawsuit claiming “just as they did with the Typo Keyboard, defendants have again copied numerous proprietary BlackBerry designs and patents in the Typo2 Keyboard”.

For those interested in looking further into the lawsuit's details, it is case no. 3:15-cv-715 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

Source: Reuters