In Q1 of 2013, BlackBerry has reported a total revenue of $2.7 billion with a profit of $94 million in the end. This is a good sign for the company that almost went under due to failing sales and mismanagement which resulted in a net loss of $145 million in the previous quarter. Lucky for them, their line of BlackBerry 10 products, (primarily comprised of the Z10) have made a very strong showing very early into their release and are securing back valuable market share in the smartphone industry that BlackBerry previously had.

In Q1 there were over 1 million BB10 devices shipped with an estimated 2/3 or 3/4 of these devices already sold. The company managed to sell 5 million more of their older devices as well as 370,000 Playbook tablets. According to CNET, 55% of users who purchased a BlackBerry Z10 are switching over from a rival platform typically an iPhone or Android smartphone. They have not broken down this statistic any further, but these numbers are extremely promising for the future of the BlackBerry and proves that people have enough incentive to make the switch. Since the Blackberry Q10 is rumored to be releasing around late April, I anticipate this conversion rate to be increasing even further and more much needed good news for the previously struggling smartphone company.

Source: cnet, Engadget
Photo Credit: Michele Ficara Manganelli