‘BioShock’ Now Available In iOS App Store, Totes A Steep $15 Price Tag

As the popularity grows and the technology advances inside iOS devices, more publishers are seeing serious potential for gaming on the platform. 2K Games has realized this and just added a mobile version of their original BioShock title to the iOS App Store although it is only supported on the newer iPhones and iPads.


The app offers the full first-person shooting experience at your fingertips and allows gamers the ability to re-explore the underwater Utopia known as Rapture while taking on ‘Big Daddies' in the search for ‘Little Sisters'.

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Seeing a classic game like this being brought to life on a mobile device like the iPhone is great news in the long run, however the price of this app is pretty outrageous. 2K Games has priced the BioShock mobile game at a whopping $14.99 which is the same price as buying a physical copy of the title on the Xbox 360 or PS3.

If you're willing to dish out that kind of cash for a mobile game then you'll be happy to know there currently are no in-app purchases so you'll have everything unlocked within that hefty upfront fee.

Source: iOS App Store