8 Great Video Game Titles That Promote Stealth GamePlay

81mwVvJmjcL._SL1500_Splintercell: Blacklist

Blacklist is one of the newest stealth titles to hit the video game scene, but also one of the best. Featuring an extensive single-player, wide range of co-op missions, and an extremely fun online component, Blacklist is a refreshingly refined 3rd person shooter that captures the essence of being a stealthy spy.

41GMD804WFLThief 3: Deadly Shadows

The Thief series has gained quite a reputation over the years and rightfully so thanks to their excellent stealth mechanics and addicting gameplay. In this title, you play as the main character Garret whom is a master thief trying to rid the city of evil. The AI is highly advanced for its time of release (2004) and you have the ability to utilize a large arsenal of thieve's tools in order to accomplish your tasks throughout the campaign. Keep in mind, this title does NOT have any multi-player support.


Dishonored is recent release that was a fan favorite for many gamers. The gameplay can vary depending on the type of approach you choose each level as serious stealth element to this game but you also have the ability to go into it guns blazing and cause complete havoc. I personally can vouch for this title being an innovative and refreshing stealth experience!

61ss0fEqR8L._SL1000_Hitman: Absolution

The Hitman series is another epic representation of the stealth genre that has resonated extremely well with gamers over the years. Absolution is no exception with fun details like disguises and instinct mode.

Far-Cry-3-screenshots-07FarCry 3

FarCry 3 is the newest and most extensive edition from the series and features the ability to utilize a stealth strategy to overcome human opponents as well as animals throughout the extensive hunting component. The single player campaign is hands down one of the best I've ever played!

8ad292c008a011b4956a8010.LMetal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

This Playstation 3 only title has brought a classic game series to the new age with excellent graphics and solid stealth-based mechanics. The environments allow interactive elements which can be used to your advantage to trap or eliminate enemies. Couple the stellar gameplay with a musical score by well-known composer Harry Gregson-Williams and you have a killer stealth title.

61mD7MmCwiL._SL1280_Deus Ex: Human Revolution

This title is a futuristic, action-packed RPG that satisfies most gamers' desires. You'll find in-depth character customization, over 20 different weapons, and an open-ended virtual world. Use stealth tactics and slick maneuvering to win the boss battles.

81L9xXafk5L._SL1500_Batman Arkham City

The Batman games have been a huge success and their latest Arkham City is a phenomenal title. It has its share of in-your-face style fighting also harnesses a stealth component that is still a prominent focus throughout the single-player campaign. If you haven't played Arkham Asylum yet, you should probably start there!