Barnes & Noble Partners With Samsung To Supply Hardware For NOOK Tablets

The tablet industry has exploded within the past 5 years and nearly every large technology manufacturer is offering their own device to compete in the marketplace. However, some companies have been struggling to sell units and gain marketshare with Barnes & Noble's NOOK tablet being a prime example. While the NOOK may the tablet of choice for some consumers, they failed to appeal to the masses and put up any real competition against the likes of Apple's iPad or Samsung's Galaxy line of tablets.

This may be a turning point as Barnes & Noble has announced a hardware partnership with Samsung (who was previously a competitor) which will allow the company to sell a Galaxy Tab 4 pre-loaded with custom NOOK software. There is no details as to whether the NOOK variant will cost more than a standard Tab 4 although I'd assume it to be on a similar price level. The 7-inch model will be sold in U.S. Barnes & Noble bookstores as well as online via their website starting August 7th. Additionally, Barnes and Noble did confirm that they will continue selling their affordable NOOK Glowlight series.

Source TechCrunch
Photo Credit: Flickr