It has not been a great year for the retail giant Barnes & Noble as they have recently announced plans to potentially close 20 of their retail stores over the next 10 years and also reported a 26% loss in revenue from their Nook tablets.

Though this is bad news for the company, it means better deals on the Nook tablets for consumers like us in order for the B&N to attempt to recoup their losses. TechCrunch is reporting from a source that B&N will be running a special temporary promotion with an incentive for new Nook owners. According to sources, any customers who purchase the $269 Nook HD+ will receive a Nook Simple Touch ($79 value) free of charge.

Now this seems like a pretty awesome deal, but after browsing the B&N website it seems this promo has not officially been confirmed yet. When viewing the Nook HD+ product page, it shows the product priced at $269.00 and offers $50 credit with any new purchase. There is currently no mentioning of a free Simple Touch tablet, but if the sources are correct I'd expect this to change within the next few days.

Let's hear your thoughts! Would a promotion like this be enough to sway you from a Kindle Fire HD or iPad if you were in the market for a new tablet?

Source: TechCrunch
Photo Credit: Flickr