Bank Of America Bug Results In Double Charges For Apple Pay

The innovative Apple Pay payment processing service went live on Monday with the release of Apple's iOS 8.1 firmware. Unfortunately, there are already reports of issues with the service especially of users who linked their Bank of America accounts to Apple Pay.

It appears a processing glitch has doubled charged thousands of Bank of America customers whom utilized Apply Pay in this first week. While this a confirmed technical glitch and not something to be expected, representatives from the company have already issued a statement informing anyone affected that the extra charges will be refunded by Wednesday.

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Bank of America isn't the only one having issues with Apple Pay as The New York Times reporter by the name of Molly Wood had her own separate experience. She tested out Apple Pay's integration with Instacart, an online service for ordering groceries from home and was disappointed to see her single order was charged three times.

It is safe to say that Apple Pay is far from perfect, but they will surely work the kinks out within the next few months so patience is key. Until then, I might suggest pulling out a physical credit card unless you don't mind the risk of a processing error.

Source: Mashable