The Autonomous SmartDesk 3 ‘Kickstarter’ Campaign Has Gone Live

When ergonomic furniture became all the rage in the office scene, many consumer budgets couldn't support these high-end chairs or sit/stand desks. To combat this problem, a startup called Autonomous entered the market with their affordable line of ergonomic sit/stand desks, chairs, and stools.

In the past, we reviewed the company's ErgoChair which has been a top seller since launching around this time last year. Autonomous has officially launched their newest Kickstarter campaign as of this morning despite having their previous campaign shut down after raising $615K.

The latest crowdfunding attempt is to raise money for their new SmartDesk 3 which is touted as the ‘World's First Ai Touchscreen Standing Desk.' With an MSRP of $600, early bird pricing allows for up to $150 off (already sold out) and free delivery as early as next month.


Beyond the typical up and down motion of a sit/stand desk, the SmartDesk 3 is fully interactive allowing you to accomplish tasks including order food, call an uber, control your Spotify playlist, check the weather and communicate with other smart home accessories (such smart light bulbs or a wifi thermostat).

For more information, visit the official Kickstarter campaign page which already raised $46,747 surpassing their goal of $25K in the first few hours with 29 days remaining.


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