AT&T’s Prepaid GoPhone Service Now Supports Tablets

2014-06-06_19-48-58Most mobile carriers have begun offering at least one prepaid cellular plan to compete in today's marketplace. AT&T have taken it a step further having extended their popular prepaid GoPhone service to now support tablets. Previously, the GoPhone service only offered plans which catered strictly to phones although since more and more tablets shipping with LTE-ready capabilities, the major cellular network decided to make the jump with tablet-friendly data plans.

The GoPhone tablet pricing starts at $15 a month though that will only get you a mere 250MB of data. Should that run out prematurely, you have the option to add 100MB more for $10. The 2nd tier is much more reasonable in regards to value on the dollar with 3GB of data for $30 a month and the same option to add data at 500MB increments for $10. The 3rd and final tier is suitable for heavy data users offering a respectable 5GB of data each month for $50. For this high-end plan, additional data can be added for $10 in 1GB increments.

Check out the source link below for more details about signing up with the GoPhone service.

Via: Engadget
Source: AT&T
Photo Credit: Flickr