AT&T’s ‘Stream Saver’ Feature Will Automatically Downgrade Video Streaming

Since AT&T removed unlimited data plans for new customers, hitting data caps is a big problem for many in a world where we are constantly streaming content to our mobile devices. A few days ago, the popular mobile carrier introduced a new feature dubbed ‘Stream Saver' which will begin rolling out next quarter.

Stream Saver will be automatically enabled on all AT&T devices and throttle all video streaming while on data to 480P or “DVD quality.” For those who are under the grandfathered unlimited data plan or with a high data cap, you'll be able to disable this feature and resume HD streaming capabilities manually.

Depending on your device, the difference between 480P and HD might not even look that significant given the size of the screen on your mobile device. If it means saving you money from overage charges in exchange for a small inconvenience in streaming quality, then it might be best for some users who frequently surpass their data caps.

Via: Engadget
Source: AT&T