AT&T Plans To Roll Out Updated 5G Wireless Network In Two Major Cities

Over the years, 4G networks have become the norm in the world of wireless networks after their inception in 2008. The jump to 5G technology took longer than most expected although AT&T has just announced their plans to roll out the service in two major cities before the end of the year. Who are the two lucky cities to get early access to 5G? That would be Austin and Indianapolis, to start.

The perks of 5G technology will include peak speeds of 400Mbps, and through some advanced carrier techniques this could even reach 1Gbps in “some areas.” This decision to begin implementing the next generation network is part of a bigger initiative dubbed ‘Indigo' with plans to cover 75% of the network in 5G technology by 2020.

While the new network will go live in these cities, it is important to remember that no devices currently on the market are prepared to utilize this standard properly, and it will likely be years before the consumer devices mature enough to take full advantage of the increased performance.

Via: Engadget
Source: AT&T