AT&T Now Offers 7GB Shareable Monthly Data Plan

As of today, AT&T has launched a new 7GB of shareable monthly data with unlimited talk and text for only $75. This new Mobile Value Share Plan is available for both new and existing AT&T subscribers although the offer will only be available for a limited time.

In order to share the 7GB of data, you'll be charged an additional $15 per device so a family of four will have a monthly bill of $125. Since this route doesn't include a long-term commitment, AT&T will not offer subsidize pricing on new smartphone models however new customers who switch from a competing carrier can get $100 statement credit via the AT&T Next program.

To make this deal even more valuable, AT&T recently started to offer “rollover” data on their Mobile Value Share plans. This means any unused data from the previous month will roll over to the following monthly for use in the event that your standard 7GB limit has been exhausted. Unfortunately, this feature cannot be banked up over time as rollover data expires after the next billing period.

Source: PCMag