‘AT&T Next’ To Launch On July 26th, Offer New Pricing & Quicker Upgrades (Video)

T-Mobile was the first mobile carrier to raise the bar and offer new phones with no service contracts, but instead opted for monthly installments to pay off the phone's more expensive (non-subsidized) pricing. AT&T has now introduced their new ‘AT&T Next' program which allows you to buy a new AT&T smartphone with a 20-month payment plan (billed directly onto your monthly statement) that can be paid off as quickly as you wish. This payment plan requires no down-payment, no activation fee, no upgrade free, and no financing fee.

The AT&T Next program will allow you to upgrade your phone sooner without having to wait until your 2 year upgrade eligibility comes around. For example, the Next program will let consumers trade in their current smartphone after 12-months worth of installments have been made and upgrade to a new device of your choice. This would clear your old smartphone's payment plan of the remaining 8 payments and start you back at square one, with a new brand payment plan for your new device. You can see a more in-depth demonstration of how this works in the video below:

The AT&T Next program will be available for both smartphone and tablet purchases and is confirmed to be eligible for use with popular devices such as the iPhone and Galaxy S 4. Those who are in grandfather unlimited data plans will also be able to take advantage of this new program without any issues. Be sure to check out this new AT&T offering when it debuts on July 26th.

Via: Engadget
Source: YouTube