AT&T May Halt Sales Of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 On Their Network

Samsung has had a tough last few months as their latest flagship device; the Galaxy Note 7 has gone up in flames, quite literally. After dozens of reports from early adopters who had their Note 7's randomly combust through regular use, Samsung issued a formal recall to replace defective units with “safe” versions.

While this seemed like an appropriate fix for the situation, a passenger on Southwest Airlines recently had his replacement device catch fire while aboard one of their airplanes which caused more chaos as now, it appears no Galaxy Note 7 owner is safe from the potential danger of owning this device.

According to a report from Bloomberg, AT&T is on the verge of halting any and all future sales of the Galaxy Note 7 to their wireless customers over concerns with the device's safety. While the final word on this matter is not yet known, it is safe to say that we do not recommend any of our readers purchase any version of Galaxy Note 7 at this time. The risks are still present in each version (pre and post recall), and there is just too much that remains undiscovered at this time.

Via: Bloomberg