AT&T Matches Verizon’s Efforts With Their Own Unlimited Data Plan

Since I was an early iPhone adopter that had an unlimited data plan with AT&T from the start, I have been grandfathered under their unlimited umbrella despite AT&T no longer offering unlimited data for new customers. The only other way to access unlimited data in recent years was by way of a service promotion with DirecTV or UVerse.

However, competition from Sprint and T-Mobile forced Verizon to reopen the gates on their own unlimited data plan which in a domino effect also caused AT&T to match this offering for all customers.

Starting tomorrow, February 17th, all AT&T customers will be able to sign up for this new Unlimited plan. A single user Unlimited plans start at a rather steep $100 a month and includes unlimited talk, text, and data. However, AT&T has matched Verizon's pricing with at a discounted $180/month for a plan with four lines.

To get more details on this new pricing, visit the source link below. For those looking to change to this new Unlimited plan, contact AT&T or visit your local AT&T store for assistance.

Via: MacRumors
Source: AT&T