AT&T Launches $39/Month Internet Plan With HBO & Amazon Prime Included

The Internet age is booming and more consumers are ditching their traditional cable subscription and instead opting for a video streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. AT&T has just announced a new monthly plan that caters di to this group as it offers their broadband Internet and U-Basic TV services coupled with a subscription to HBO and Amazon Prime for monthly rate of only $39.

If you wish to opt out of the HBO and U-Basic TV, you can get the broadband service and Amazon Prime membership for only $29 per month (only available in select cities). What is the catch you may ask? The monthly rates will rise significantly after the 12-month contract ends. However, $40 per month is far cheaper than the $170/month I'm currently paying with Time Warner Cable so it may be worth the switch to some of you.

Via: Engadget
Source: AT&T