AT&T Introduces An Unlimited Data Pre-paid ‘GoPhone’ Plan

The competition between mobile carriers is as fierce as ever with both AT&T and Verizon reintroducing unlimited data plans to keep customers from leaving Sprint or T-Mobile.

While AT&T made significant improvements to the offerings on their standard plans, customers of their on AT&T's pre-paid GoPhone plans have been hoping some new changes would also come their way. As of yesterday, the company announced two upgrades to their GoPhone plans.

The $60/month plan (after $5 autopay discount) provides “unlimited” data although these data speeds are capped at 3Mbps for the first 22 GB with further throttling once this limit is exceeded.

While 3Mbps may be enough for some users, it is still nearly half standard LTE speeds through AT&T and will only support video streaming in standard definition (480p).

At $45/month (after $5 autopay discount), the second plan is more affordable although it now offers 6GB of high-speed data before dropping to 128Kbps.

Via: Engadget
Source: AT&T