A rumor broke out a few days ago stating that AT&T would be carrying the Z10 on March 22nd for U.S. customers. It turns out that rumor is indeed correct and today AT&T has issued a statement confirming this date. Further details on the launch include the device being available for U.S. consumers on March 22nd at the price of $199.99 (same as Verizon) for the Z10 device and you must sign a 2-year commitment. For those of you who want first dibs on after the launch date, you can pre-order the Z10 tomorrow through this link. If you don't want to pre-order you can try to find the new smartphone in retail stores or online on or after the 22nd, but it is currently unknown how limited the quantities will be in the initial months.

Photo Credit: Flickr

Source: Engadget