Atomos Discounts 4K ‘Shogun’ & ‘Ninja Assassin’ Models

Atomos is widely known in the video world for their affordable external recorders which provide sufficient monitoring capabilities as well as Pro-Res support. I purchased their 4K Shogun model for $1,995 just over a year ago, and it has been a great asset despite its rather mediocre build quality. Since then, they released an HDMI only variant dubbed the Ninja Assassin that debuted at a $1,295 price-point.

With this particular product space becoming increasingly crowded, Atomos has decided to discount theses two 4K-ready models to ensure prospective buyers aren't swayed towards a competing Convergent Design, Video Devices or Black Magic device. The $1,295 Ninja Assassin model has been discounted to $995 ($300 discount), and the $1995 Shogun has now been reduced by $500 to just $1495.

This appears to be a permanent price drop and may indicate that something new will be coming from them at NAB in April.

Source: B&H Photo