Atomos Announced A ‘Ninja Inferno’ 4K Recorder For Under $1K

Prosumer video camera technology has advanced rapidly over the past few years and cameras are now being released at a $2,000 price-point (GH5) that can almost compete with an $8500 (FS7) camera at least when comparing on-paper specifications.

One of the ways that camera brands are increasing the functionality of their lineups is by offering competitive in-body specs while providing the ability to further improve the recording capabilities when coupled with an external recorder.

A few years back, these recorders would cost an arm and a leg, but they too have come down in price with companies like Atomos, Video Devices and Black Magic offering high-quality 4K recorders for well under $1,000.

The newest from Atomos was announced earlier today and dubbed the ‘Ninja Inferno'. Similar to the higher-end Shogun Inferno which retails for a whopping $1,999, the Ninja Inferno offers many of the highly sought after features with only a few key differences.

Unlike the Shogun Inferno, the Ninja Inferno only provides HDMI connections and lacks any support for SDI which is commonly used on higher-end cameras. This also means that anyone looking to record RAW externally in Cinema DNG will only be able to do so with the Shogun Inferno.

On the other hand, you are getting a great deal for under $1K as it supports 10-bit 4:2:2 in 4K up to 60p when shooting with a compatible mirrorless or DSLR camera. Couple that with the 1500 nit display with HDR support, improved build quality and dual-battery support, you've got a killer monitor/recorder without breaking the bank.

The Ninja Inferno is now shipping and available for purchase from retailers like B&H Photo. Additionally, Atomos has discounted their Shogun Flame to $995 and Ninja Flame to just $795.

Source: Atomos