Apple’s Newest Macbook To Support More Affordable, 3rd-Party Chargers

Earlier this week, Apple debuted an all-new MacBook line that is slimmer, lighter, and more technologically advanced than any of their previous generations laptops. One of the biggest changes within this model is the adoption of USB-C, which supports DisplayPort, HDMI, power, USB, and VGA through the single port.

This is great news for new Macbook owners as this will allow support for more affordable, third-party branded chargers. Apple has been notorious for pricing their replacement charger at very high prices that are tough on consumers. There are currently ways around it, mainly by choosing a cheaper clone, but this will be the first Mac to “officially” support the use of a third-party charger.

Another advantage to this is the potential for addition power by way of a portable power block much like you can do now with an iPhone or iPad. This is something I've been desperately be awaiting as it would come in handy during long travel days or situations where I am faced with extended periods without power.

Source: Mashable