Apple’s Back To School Sale Offers Free Beats For Mac/iPad Purchases

Years ago, Apple used to entice new students during the summer to purchase a Mac for the upcoming school year by a free iPod Touch. That was a successful promotion for Apple, but they as more students already own an iPhone they ultimately switched to offering students a $100 iTunes gift card instead.

Apple then acquired the Beats By Dre brand and with that came an opportunity to switch up their back to school Student offers yet again with Apple offering free Beats By Dre headphones on new Mac purchases for students during the last few years.

This year's sale started as of yesterday and provides scholars with the chance to score some free beats with the purchase of a Mac or iPad Pro for the upcoming 2017/2018 school year.

Mac purchases are eligible for any of the following headphones:

iPad Pro purchases are eligible for any of the following free or discounted headphones:

Via: The Verge