Apple Rumored To Partner With AMEX, Visa & MasterCard For iPhone Payments

Apple's iPhone 6 event is just over a week away and even more rumors about the device continuing to flood into the Internet. Today's report states the iPhone 6 will utilize NFC technology (a first for Apple) for a brand new mobile payment service from Apple. Furthermore, sources say the Cupertino-based company has already partnered with American Express, MasterCard, & Visa to seamlessly integrate within this unannounced payment platform.

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This type of technology would enable iPhone users the ability to set up a “mobile wallet” that can be used when shopping and you can tap a payment terminal instead of swiping your card. This makes for a more efficient and convenient checkout process. We won't know whether this rumor is true until the September 9th event so be patient and stay tuned for any potential leaks that may occur within the next week!

Via: Engadget
Source: Recode, Bloomberg
Photo Credit: Flickr