Apple Rumored To Hold iPad/iMac Event On October 16th

Several reputable media outlets are reporting a potential iPad/iMac/Yosemite event to be held by Apple at their Town Hall venue in Cupertino, California. While this is unconfirmed from Apple themselves, the initial leak from Recode appears to be well backed by insiders in the company.

What will we see at this event? It is still too early to tell exactly, but there are a few announcements we can assume will take place:

Updated iPad Models

  • Likely will include the same design/body as the iPad Air
  • Internal specs will be improved including potential for higher resolution/PPI screen, faster processor, more RAM, better graphics, etc.
  • The addition of TouchID is long overdue and should be a definite change in the new model
  • The screen is rumored to be getting a new anti-reflective coating for viewing in all lighting conditions
  • Potential for NFC compatibility should be expected as they did with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus although they are expected to be compatible with Apple Pay regardless via proximity-based payments
  • Potential for split-screen multi-tasking that will remain exclusive to the large iPad display
  • The popular gold color option that had been initially offered for the first time with the 5s and now the 6 and 6 Plus will also likely be extended to the new iPad
  • Some rumors are circulating suggesting Apple will release a 12.9″ iPad Pro model to compete with the larger displayed tablet competition coming from Samsung and Microsoft although there is far from being confirmed at this time

Retina iMac Models

  • Apple has been upgrading their iMac internally now as each year progresses, but they are expected to vastly upgrade their iMacs with Retina displays this year
  • With the upgrade to Retina iMacs, you'll see a large increase in price for both the 21″ and 27″ model however they will likely still be selling the standard iMacs just with refreshed specs for this year

Refreshed Mac Mini

  • This is far from being confirmed, but there is a chance they will announce any new updates given to the Mac Mini at this time

Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

  • This new Mac OS has been in a public beta since late July, and Apple's Developers have had access since WWDC
  • While the latest Yosemite updates are relatively stable, we expect Apple to release the finalized version of Yosemite after the October 16th event ends

Stay tuned for more information as it is leaked or confirmed as well as a full summary of the event should it be held on October 16th.

Source: 9to5Mac
Photo Credit: John Karakatsanis