Apple To Pull Bose & Fitbit Products From Online & Retail Stores

Apple's retail stores are known for carrying a wide assortment of accessories for their computers and mobile devices although some popular products will no longer be offered at these locations in the near future.

The Cupertino based company has decided to pull both Bose and Fitbit products from their online store as well as their retail locations. There are varying reasons between the two, but these decisions are more logical when you'd think.

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First off, the Bose decision is a no brainer after Apple's massive Beats by Dre purchase has officially gone through. Since Bose is the biggest competitor to the Beats brand with the most similar product offerings, Apple is making a move to protect their investment and ensure consumers don't get lured away to their main competitor while visiting an Apple retail store.

Another factor that likely comes into play is the large deal Bose recently locked up with the NFL which has resulted in several Beats sponsored athletes facing monetary fines due to a breach of their player contract which barred them from wearing any competing audio products on their TV broadcasts.

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As for the Fitbit situation, there are a few reasonable explanations for this decision. With Apple's new iWatch wearable technology coming out in early 2015, this again becomes a potential conflict with Apple's own products so pulling its biggest competitor from their retail outlets makes sense from a business standpoint.


In addition, Apple now has their Healthkit software up and running with the launch of iOS 8 so there is more incentive for iPhone owners to buy a wearable fitness tracking device. However, Fitbit has publicly stated they have no plans to integrate with the Healthkit application despite Apple's attempt to lure in prospective hardware partners by releasing a Healthkit API for developers access.

Via: Gizmodo, The Verge
Source: 9to5 Mac, Recode