Apple Now Sells A Lower-Priced 21.5″ iMac Model

While the wait for a iMac equipped with a retina display still lingers on, Apple debuted a new lower-priced 21.5″ model earlier this morning. This new model features a downgraded 1.4GHz dual-core Intel i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, a 500GB HD, and integrated Intel HD 5000 Graphics (non-discrete).

Prior to this model, the cheapest new iMac range in at $1,299 with the new downgraded model being much more affordable with a $1,099 price-point. When configuring this model, the only option you can choose in terms of upgraded specs is the ability to add a larger hard drive with no option to choose a better processor or more RAM (this is possible with the higher-priced 21.5″ iMac models).

Keep in mind, you could also buy a refurbished 2013 iMac through Apple with a much faster processor and double the hard drive space for the same $1,099 price tag. Since products that are refurbished and sold through Apple offer the same 1 year warranty and AppleCare eligibility as a brand new item, there is a lot of value on the dollar buying refurbished versus buying this brand new downgraded model.

Want to compare this new lower-priced model to the existing 21.5″ models? Check out the side-by-side spec comparison below:


The lower-end iMac is available as of this morning and can be purchased immediately via Apple's website.

Via: Mashable
Source: Apple