First Orders For Apple’s MacBook Pro With TouchBar Are ‘Preparing For Shipment’

When Apple unveiled their newest line of MacBook computers just a few weeks ago, consumers were left with a mixture of awe and disappointment.

On the days following the announcement, many media outlets got their hands on the low-end 13″ MacBook Pro option which doesn't include a TouchBar or TouchID and touts rather entry-level specs. Most of these sources claimed this model shouldn't be defined as an option designed for “Pro” use and in many cases, I agree with this.

However, the higher-end 13″ and 15″ models had their shipment dates weeks later, and pre-orders quickly sold out for the initial shipment estimates between November 17th-November 25th.

Those who placed their orders early enough, reports broke this morning that Apple has already changed the order status to ‘preparing for shipment' meaning the devices should be shipping any day now and may even arrive earlier than the anticipated delivery date (a common occurrence with Apple).


While the TouchBar will be an interesting feature to test in real-world use, the TouchBar models are more powerful options with faster processors, more RAM, and discrete graphics (15″ model only) to help professionals work on data-heavy media files or multitask between several resource-heavy applications simultaneously.

For those interest in ordering one of the TouchBar enabled 13″ or 15″ models, you can still do so via Apple's online store¬†although shipping estimates have been extended to 4-5 weeks after you place your order due to high demand.