There has been a great deal of speculation around the industry recently that one of Apple's largest products currently in development is an ‘iWatch‘ which will be worn on the wrist. Besides acting as a device to tell time it is rumored to have advanced features such as the ability to make calls, check caller id, view map data, and act as a personal pedometer or fitness meter. According to sources, the chief product designer for Apple has always been interested in the potential of creating watches and they have recently met with Nike's watchmaking operations to learn a thing or two. Initial rumors placed the potential of the iWatch to be possible in a 3 year timeframe, but new sources are stating the device could potentially ship by the end of the 2013 calendar year. With competition like the Pebble Smartwatch already in consumer's hands and Google showing interest in creating their own smartwatch, it is a race for Apple to catch up and meet the demand before the market is over-saturated or dried up. Only time will tell when Apple is going to release an official statement on the existence of such a product and if it is confirmed to be truly in development when the product can be expected for release. Stay tuned for any further updates on the iWatch!

Source: TechCrunch